Nos questions les plus demandées.

What are the sessions’ duration, and what are your rates?

You will enjoy a gentle erotic massage under the seduction of the hostess of your choice. You will savour her body-to-body massage, shadowed by her beautiful silhouette and you will yearn for this moment to never stop.

Our rates (taxes included):

30 minutes : 80.00$
45 minutes : 90.00$
60 minutes : 120.00$

Our rates for duos and couples massages (taxes included):

30 minutes : 160.00$
45 minutes : 180.00$
60 minutes : 240.00$

* It is possible to extend the duration of your session. Please notify the receptionist at the time of your appointment *.

Is it absolutely necessary to have an appointment?

It is better to make an appointment, but it is not a requisite. On site, our receptionist will welcome you and kindly describe our services and operation.

What is the method of payment?

Sessions must be paid in cash only. We have an ATM on site at your disposal if you need to make a withdrawal. The only currencies accepted at Gentlemen Paradise are the Canadian dollar and the US dollar.

Who can use your services?

Our services are offered to man, woman or couples, aged 18 and older. We reserve the right to ask you for proper identification if we are in doubt that you are of legal age. Our facilities are also accessible and can accommodate people with reduced mobility. Please take note: Not all of our hostesses offer massage for couples, single women or people with specific conditions. We will inform you of the availability of the hostesses offering the requested service at the time you make your appointment.

Is it safe and discreet?

We have a genuine and serious concern for the privacy of our customers as well as that of our staff. We always ensure the safety and security for everyone. In terms of hygiene and sanitation, and in all related aspects of the general health, life privacy, as well as in all spheres where we can make a difference, you can rest assured that the Gentlemen Paradise offers you a maximum of luxury, of well-being, all set in the safest environment, so you, our client, can abandon and enjoy yourself, completely.

How to please her?

The Gentlemen Paradise ensures that you spend quality time with each of our young hostesses. We thrive for you to be satisfied with the service you receive at each of your session, and we also want for our hostesses to have a pleasant moment in your company. Here is some advice so that your session is most enjoyable, and more importantly, most memorable.

Advice #1 : Be respectful. Avoid being under the influence of alcohol or drugs. We reserve the right to refuse a client if we believe that s/he is impaired or intoxicated. Behave yourself. IT IS ABSOLUTELY PROHIBITED TO OFFER DRUGS, IN ANY SHAPE OR FORM, TO OUR HOSTESSES. 

Advice #2 : Our young hostesses offer a variety of very sensual and ardent massages. If you want them to give their best, it would be imperative for you to have a good hygiene. Take a shower, have a fresh breath and a pleasant body odour. Be a handsome man! There is no better way to please our young hostesses. You are bound to feel in their touch just how pleased and satisfied they are.

Advice #3 : At all time, be a Gentleman and Respectful. Each hostess is unique. We will not accept a client who shows rude behaviour, disregard our rules or does not respect the boundaries of our hostesses.

Might hostesses offer additional services?

Please note that we, at Gentlemen Paradise, are working with our hostesses to promote our erotic massage services. It is mandatory to meet your hostess in private. Take advantage of this moment to ask any question you may have. You are bound to lighten the atmosphere by engaging yourself in creating a first contact.

Why choose you?

The Gentlemen Paradise,
The salon often imitated, but never equaled.
The experience of pleasure, laid bare, will become your fantasy.

2075, Avenue Branly, Ste-Foy, Québec G1N 4C7 | 418-903-9120

2075. Avenue Branly,
Ste-Foy, Québec G1N 4C7
* FRONT door *
[email protected]

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