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4-hands massage

For women lovers, those for who two hands are not enough, indulge in being tempted by an uncommon and distinctive experience. Two young hostesses for you alone. A sensual massage with 4 hands, a pure delight for your eyes! Nothing is impossible; surrender yourself to the pleasure and sensations induced by their caresses on your body. Be warned; you may want to repeat this experience over and over again.


Share an erotic and sensual moment to renew your mutual desire and sexual passion. Rediscover the sensation of pleasure and indulge to be alleviated and stimulated by the young hostess responsible to revitalize your life as a couple and strengthen the sensual and erotic nature of your relationship. Each couple is unique; we will take the time to discuss your expectations, to answer your questions, and most especially to put you at ease from the moment you arrive.

We will provide you with additional time at the beginning of your session, for a first contact with the hostess accompanying you in this exquisite moment. It will ease the atmosphere and create a bond of trust between you and her; to ultimately surrender yourselves completely, in equal parts, in this moment of ecstasy. An intensely satisfying experience designed to enhance your mutual pleasures under the skilled hands of our delightful hostesses. Our massage for couple is the ideal guide for a unique journey into a shared world of sensual discoveries.


You already fantasize of receiving this fine attention for yourself alone, and it is now within your reach. More and more women are enjoying the benefits of erotic massages, which, we believe, demonstrates the greater openness they have, as well as the need for their bodies to flourish.

Seek the experience; make appeal to your receptivity and your ability to abandon yourself. Attentive and inquisitive of the other, the masseuse will awaken, unequivocally, the natural sensuality of your body, source of your pleasure of course, but also of your vitality.

Reduced Mobility

Our facilities can accommodate a clientele with reduced mobility.
At Gentlemen Paradise we strive to make our services available to as many as possible. Our receptionist can facilitate the meeting between an erotic masseuse and a client with specific needs. Do not miss the attractive opportunity to benefit from our services. Our hostesses are gracious and professional; they will take remarkably great care of you.
In order to serve you adequately, please share the details of your situation when making an appointment.

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2075. Avenue Branly,
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